Trufit Sanitary Pad

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Good for your body and the environment, it's a switch that sets us free from chemical-laden sanitary napkins- harming us and our planet!

TruFit Day Pad provides you 7 layers of protection for absorption. Good for most normal flow days. Our unique 2-button wings ensures that the pad stays much better in its place. All pads are made using 100% cotton and are hand-stitched. They come with a layer made of PUL to make them leak proof, hence making them convenient for use.

Why Cloth Pads?

These pads are made using 100% cotton. The top of the pad, which comes in contact with your skin is made of soft super-absorbent cotton fabric. Reusable cotton pads are good for your health. They do not contain any chemicals and do not use plastic as the base material. Also, in the long term, they help you save big!

Environmental Impact

Millions of single-use sanitary napkins end up in landfills every single day. We can help change this by making better choices. Reusable pads allow you to not be a part of the problem, but of the solution!

How are Cloth pads Hygenic?

Cloth pads are completely hygienic when properly cared for. Millions of women have used cloth to manage menstrual flow for generations. If the cloth is not washed and dried properly, it becomes unhygienic. Also, there is nothing unhygienic about the handling of used pads. It all lies in how we wash it, when cloth pads are washed well, dried completely and stored properly, they are perfectly hygienic.

Washing tips: It is very easy to wash your used reusable cloth sanitary pads. First, soak the pads in cold water for at least 20 minutes or more in a bucket or a container. Make sure you use only cold water. Cold water ensures that the blood does not get hardened on the cotton cloth. After you have soaked them for 20 minutes or more, rinse them as you gently rub the sides of the pad against itself. Rinse till the time the water comes out clear. Make sure you do not use a brush. Using a brush will decrease the life span of the pad. Now wash by hand with very little quantity of detergent/soap. Rub the pad against itself. DO NOT use the brush. Rinse well and make sure there is no residual detergent left.

Lifespan: 75 washes