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Soil Nourisher + Conditioner

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Nourishing your soil with 100% organic clean nutrients.

Good for the earth Good for you ! Happy Soil has created a hard working
product for today’s environmentally sensitive planet loving gardener. Locally produced and sustainably sourced our all purpose nourisher and conditioner is for everyone from the new gardening enthusiast to the accomplished gardener and farmer.

Whether you have a compact green balcony ,a vertical garden or an organic vegetable patch this soil NOURISHER + CONDITIONER delivers results.

What it contains
Organic formula packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients
Enriched with minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, humic acid & trace elements
Chemical free NO pathogens  antibiotics hormones, steroids  herbicides

Essential nutrients Provides essential micro, macro and trace nutrients to promote micro biological activity.

How it helps: 

  • Completes plant food and enhances soil naturally
  • All purpose organic matter 
  • Slow release pellets/powder improves soil condition and fertility.
  • Formula includes organic pesticide 
  • Stimulates plant growth 
  • Boosts moisture retention  
  • Chemical free
  • Odourless, clean and organic.

Why Switch: - 

By choosing an organic fertilizer vs a synthetic one you will not only be feeding your plants what they need you will also be improving your soil texture. Organic fertilizers allow your soil to hold water longer, they increase the bacterial and fungal activity in the soil. Most importantly If you are growing vegetables and fruits for your consumption keep in mind that what you feed them in turn feeds you. Being a clean product you can rest assured that HAPPY SOIL is safe for the environment, your family, and your pets. Making it safe to use around children.

Environmental Impact

Produced in Maharashtra, our ingredients are locally sourced Gathered from local and specific chicken farms in Ahmednagar, processed with basic machinery, In a large clean factory. Form of energy/electricity used is Traditional. Packaged and sealed by hand. Our premium paper packaging reflects the Ethos Of Happy Soil as a Brand. 
Planet first! A single step in the right direction to protect and preserve our planet is what drives us. Inspired to positively change the world. 

Storing advice 

Store in a dry area.

End of Life 

The packaging of the product is 100% plastic-free and naturally biodegradable and  reusable for any other purposes. If no longer in use, kindly send it for recycling.