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Rosy Cheeks Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser

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Powerful, yet gentle, this all-in-one cleanser effectively removes makeup and cleanses while refreshing your skin. A multi-purpose cleanser, it captures and lifts away dirt, oil, and makeup without any harsh rubbing.

What it contains: - Rose Water | Coconut oil

How it helps: - Perfectly clean, hydrated and breathable skin, even after a night out or day in bustling cities. It’s truly a delight!

Why switch: - A natural make-up remover and cleanser with ingredients we can all pronounce and trust for our faces, and in zero waste packaging!

Environmental Impact: - Sustainable, ethically sourced, non-polluting, natural products, everything being either compostable or recyclable.

Storing advice: - Store in a cool, dry place

Shelf life: - Use within 24 months of manufacturing. 

How to use:- Take a cotton pad, or even better, a reusable face scrubbie. Pour a few drops of the Facial Cleanser and gently wipe your skin. Rinse with cold water and pat dry. Use only 2-3 drops. Avoid getting the solution in your eyes. 

End of life: -  The packaging is 100% plastic free and can be reused or repurposed. If no longer in use, kindly send it for recycling.