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Reparative Viva La Sativa Shampoo Bar for Damaged Hair

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Get that flip-worthy and healthy hair. viva la sativa is a deeply nourishing formulation that treats and repairs the damage done to our hair by exposure to sun and pollution.

What it contains: - 

sodium cocoyl isethionate, disodium cocoyl glutamate, dipalmitoylethyl dimonium chloride, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid,cocamidopropyl betaine, decyl glucoside, kokum butter, hemp seed oil, guar hydroxypropyl trimonium chloride, moringa powder, baobab protein, sodium lactate, manuka essential oil, geranium essential oil, vanilla planifolia fruit extract, benzyl alcohol, sorbic acid, glycerin, salicylic acid, citric acid, tocopherol

How it helps: - 

Hemp Seed Oil: get high on surface moisture. omega fatty acids along with antioxidant-rich vitamin E make it deeply nourishing and restorative especially to damage caused by pollution.
Moringa Powder: moringa helps your scalp breathe by bringing oxygen to the roots. rich in vitamins, protein and behenic acid, it forms a protective layer to protect against pollutants.
Baobab Protein: rich in protein, amino acids as well as vitamins A and E, baobab protein protects our hair from UV damage and heat while locking in moisture in the hair shaft.

Why switch: - 

Apart from being 100% plastic free: - 

Controls further Damage: formulated to cleanse hair of pollutants, dirt and grime while preventing further damage with omega fatty acid rich hemp seed and vitamin-rich moringa.
Protects Scalp Barrier: provides nourishment through oils, butters and proteins to keep scalp nourished, moisturised and protected.
Improves Hair Elasticity: hemp seed oil penetrates the hair shaft while moringa brings in oxygen to the roots to improve hair strength and elasticity.

Environmental Impact: - 

Our products are water-saving, in fact, our shampoo bars are completely water-free. Because it does not make sense to use water in our personal care in a water-scarce country.
To ensure that we keep it clean, all our products are also non-polluting, that is, they don't pollute our water ways when being washed down the drain.
Did we mention? All our products are packaged only with love, not with plastic. We are plastic-free and we wrap our products in FSC approved paper.
That's why we say, we help self-care meet planet-care.

Storing advice: -  Keep the bar in a dry place. No one likes being wet all day.

End of life: -  The packaging is 100% compostable. You can rest it at peace in your house pot, soil patch or compost bin when it is no longer in use