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Remix Powder

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No need for daily stirring! Remix Powder is a magic mix and guaranteed to help you get home composting right in one try. 

Why Use? 

- This organic culture of micro-organisms makes composting faster, prevents lump formation and reduces stench because it creates air spaces.
- It is more effective as compared to the conventional composting accelerators that act only on the cellulose portion of the waste.
- For Kitchen waste = Use one teaspoon every 7 days directly on top of pile.
- Mix into a moist pile for best results.
- If your pile is too dry, mix microbes in water and add.

What It Contains? 

- Mixture of cocopeat, mature compost and added microbial culture
- Packed in 2-ply paper bag

How it Benefits 

No need for daily stirring!
- Absorbs extra water
- Provides air gaps for circulation
- Keeps any bad smell away
- Hastens the process of decomposition

Why Switch?

This is an all-natural mix that enhances the process of decomposition in a home compost bin and keeps it smell-free.
There is no need to stir the pile everyday if Remix Powder is used. 

Environmental Impact

This magic mix ensures home composting is easy, stir-free, and smell-free - helping you compost with ease and keep waste out of landfill.


- Use contents within one year of purchase.
- We dry out cocopeat so that you may save time. Breaking up blocks of cocopeat requires addition of water and the resultant powder is moist. This moist cocopeat is not as effective in home composting as dry cocopeat. So while you may not "see" the microbes and mature compost in your pack, rest assured that it is there in the right proportion for the optimum composting experience.

End of Life

The packaging is 100% biodegradable and helps you stay plastic-free!