Pure Copper Straws- Pack of 2

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An approximate of 8 billion single-use plastic straws end up on the shorelines around the world each day. In order to reduce the efforts of these evil plastic straws in destroying our nature and for the sake of all of our health, we have come up with these absolutely beautiful and nourishing Copper straws made out of absolutely pure copper.

These copper straws are hard to get bored of because copper has an amazing tendency to change its colour, so the older your straw gets the more beautiful and interesting they get.

What one pack contains: Our copper straw pack contains, 1 straight straw, 1 bent straw, 1 cleaning brush, and 1 straw travel bag. Each straw is 8 inches in length and 6mm in diameter. 

How to clean: The cleaning brushes we provide are made of 100% natural fiber bristles and are completely compostable. Just apply some soap on the cleaning brush and use it to clean inside the copper straw. Lay the straws on a dry surface post-cleaning, and they're all squeaky again! 

Sourcing: Our beautiful copper straws come straight for you from a century-old Copper factory. Our straw bag is made of pure cotton, a perfect travel companion. Hand made by a talented tailor in the city of Meerut. 

Why we picked Copper: Known for it's antibacterial and natural healing tendencies, copper is a metal of many benefits. To know more about it, click here.

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