Boheco Life CannaReleaf™ - Skin Health CBD Oil

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Your skin - the largest organ of the body as well as the cause of so many woes. Be it dryness, acne or inflammation, the list doesn’t end. Skin Health from CannaReleaf™ is your one-stop solution for these skin woes and much more. This oil respects the integrity of your skin and works to reinforce the skin barrier from the base up.

What it contains

Cannabis Leaf Extract + Virgin Coconut oil

Disclaimer: This product contains 100% organic virgin coconut Oil which tends to solidify in colder weather conditions(below 20 degree Celsius). In case the oil solidifies, keep it in warm water for sometime and use once the oil comes back to its liquid form

How to use 

Skin Health fits into your daily skin routine very easily. Incorporate it as a post cleansing step to give your skin an instant boost of nutrition or use it as a moisturizer to seal in all your routine. Perfect for AM and PM, Skin Health also makes for a great overnight leave on treatment!

How it helps

CannaReleaf™ Skin Health is a mighty mix of CBD rich Cannabis extract and 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. This nutritious and rich combo helps heal and fortify the skin barrier. CBD works perfectly well with all skin types. The calming and soothing effect it has on the skin helps reduce inflammation, soothe dry skin and even acne. Coconut oil helps elevate the moisturizing properties by sealing all the goodness into your skin without any side effects.

Environmental Impact 

Hemp Absorbs Large Amounts of CO2. One of the most common greenhouse gasses driving climate change is carbon dioxide (CO2). Hemp can also grow just about anywhere, dramatically increasing the potential land that can be used to sequester carbon.

Shelf Life

1 Year

Storing advice

In a cool dry place, away from sunlight. Refrigerate after opening.

End of life  

The packaging is 100% plastic-free. You can reuse or repurpose it in infinite number of ways, if no longer in use, kindly send for recycling.