Bamboo Toothbrushes- Bundle of 4

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Our Bamboo toothbrush is the perfect product for you to clean your beautiful teeth with. Being an amazing reinvention to one of the biggest contributor to plastic pollution, the bamboo toothbrush is definitely the choice of nature and your conscience. You never again have to put plastic toothbrushes in your mouth ever again. And, it looks beautiful!

Benefit of this pack: Each person on average uses 4 brushes in a year, buy them at once, and reduce your greenhouse emission on shipping by repeatedly making this purchase. Or just help your family switch to bamboo brushes with this pack! Oh did we forget mentioning? It's available at a great value!

Material Used: The handle is 100%  bamboo and is completely compostable post usage. The bristles are made out of PBT and are coated with natural fiber. 

Varients: We have two variants, 

- Bamboo Fiber Bristles, which has softer bristles
- Charcoal Infused Bristles, which are comparatively hard

In this bundle: Two Bamboo Fiber Bristles Toothbrushes, two Charcoal Infused Bristles. In case you want a specific number of a variant in this bundle, kindly mention this in the "special comments" section in the cart.

Storing Advice: Since the handle is made up of 100% Bamboo, we highly recommend to keep your brush in a dry stand post usage. Opt for a brush holder that doesn't allow any water collection or simply store it on a clean bathroom shelf.

End of life: The box is made out of Kraft paper which is 100% compostable. The handle of the toothbrush is 100% bamboo and is absolutely compostable as well. Kindly pluck the bristles of the brush out before resting it in soil or your compost.

Environmental Impact: Plastic toothbrushes cannot be recycled and stay on thus planet years after usage. By opting for this product, you choose to make a contribution to saying no to plastic.

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