Bamboo and Cotton Ear Swabs

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Made of Cotton tips and Bamboo sticks, an easy switch from plastic swabs, which are infamously found in our oceans and landfills. This disposable product won't leave you with guilt, as you can simply dump it into your compost bin! 100% Biodegradable, sturdy yet gentle. Besides cleaning your ears (and your little one's too) a great tool for cleaning your laptop or other electronics, applying make-up, or even for arts and crafts!

Inside this box: 80 pieces of Bamboo and Cotton Ear Swabs.

Environmental Impact: Both, the product and packaging are sustainable. The packaging is recycled and recyclable, so you can simply put it in your paper recycling or compost it directly. By opting for this product, you choose to make a contribution by saving the planet from unnecessary plastic waste. 

Why Bamboo ?

  • It is one of the fastest growing plants and can grow upto an inch in less than an hour.
  • It produces 35% more oxygen than trees
  • It doesn't require pesticide and fertilizers, making it organic.
  • Every part of the bamboo can be used

End of life: The products are 100% compostable. You can rest it at peace in your house pot, soil patch or compost bin! 

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