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Citronella organic Incense cones - Flower Based

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These Incense cones are just the perfect solution to the very core problem of incense, emission of harmful constituents. These emissions could and have been causing various issues relating to the lungs and other aspects of the body. Esscent Flower-based incense cones, solving the problem of heavy flower pollution in the rivers. These cones are handcrafted by our rural women and specially-abled people and are 100% safe for your and for the environment's health. Dhoop Cone is also commonly used for Aromatherapy, Home Fragrance and Meditation. 

Citronella organic Cones: -  Esscent 100% Organic Citronella Cones have a rich citrusy aroma. It is a natural mosquito repellent. Citronella naturally uplifts negative moods and relieves stress and anxiety.

Material Used: - Made from up-cycled waste flowers and 100% natural essential oils, incense cones are handcrafted by our rural women and specially-abled people. Esscent Flower-Based Incense Cones are safe and healthy. These are 100% charcoal free and are soaked in natural essential oils, making them the best stress-relievers.

Quantity: - Each box contains 30 Incense Cones and an oven-baked clay Incense holder. Each cone is 3.5cm long, having a long burning time of 30-35 minutes.

Environmental impact: - These Flower-based incense cones help the river bodies to be free of toxic flower waste. Being charcoal free and organic in nature, these cones release no harmful emissions and maintains your body and environment as a temple.