Why buy from us?

At Conscience Nook, before a product is made a part of our family, we ask ourselves the following questions, 
  • can it be ethically sourced
  • is it meant to sustain
  • is it meant to end its life beautifully without harming the planet
  • is it 100% plastic free

Only after we’re sure of each parameter, we welcome a product to our platform. View all our products here.

Yet it’s equally important for us to ensure that beyond this point, our efforts to make our company environmentally friendly continues. We do this in the following ways,

  • Sourcing: We find vendors in close radius proximity of our delivery location to ensure reduced carbon emission during sourcing.
  • Greenhouse Emissions: sending all products in one shipping to ensure our carbon emission is controlled during transportation
  • Packaging: keeping our sourcing and packaging, 100% free from plastic or any other materials that may harm the planet.
  • Supporting Local businesses: by making them a part of our process in this journey by either sourcing from them or adding them as a vendor on our site and giving them a platform.
  • Maintaining transparency: By being honest to our customers about our flaws and openly talking about our practices and methods.

It’s a long journey towards reaching our goal of being as sustainable and environmentally conscious as we desire to be. We wish to achieve that place by continuously transforming ourselves and putting in place new ideas and actions that will help us reach our goal. 

Always open to your recommendations and suggestions to help us improve. If you have any questions or would like to recommend us something, click here.