Pick Permaculture

Why Permaculture?

Permaculture, short for Permanent Culture, is essentially a school of thought for designing human habitat by mimicking Nature, creating ecosystems that are sustainable and in solidarity with all of life on Earth. It realizes the inevitability of our interconnectedness and interdependence on Nature and strives to fashion the human world in a balanced, harmonious and regenerative way. It believes in tapping into Nature's wisdom for inspiration and insight.
​It has three founding ethics - Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share.

Our Values

We want to make the world a better place; to enable people to live more compassionately, more empathetically, more in connection with all life on this planet and more in connection with the self; to slow down, to stop and see, to actually live, and live fully from the soul; to change this culture of seeking happiness from meaningless mass consumption to a more fulfilling and soulful living.  

We strive to do so by harnessing nature’s wisdom & transforming its many bounties in the most non disruptive & harmonious ways.

Behind the Company


Sonika Choudhury 

After five nomadic years of career hopping, looking for the purpose of her life, she finally landed on Permaculture. A design philosophy and science, but more a way of life, that strives to design the human world by mimicking Nature, creating ecosystems that are sustainable and in solidarity with all of life on Earth. She just knew it in her bones that this is what she was meant to do - bring permaculture to our socio-economic systems; To change how business is done and how stuff is made; to change this culture of seeking happiness in meaningless mass consumption and to establish a new world order - one that is more regenerative, compassionate & inclusive. 

Divyesh Patil

The yang to her yin, he is the one who brings the vision to life. He comes with a vast and diverse experience, from running an event management firm to heading the operations for a craft beer company. He’s the practical element to an otherwise wild and idealistic vision. 

Operations & logistics are a breeze with him around. 

He has a natural talent for discovering all things alt and the finer experiences in life. He loves taking them to people.  Nothing exceeds his love for craft beer and it is his dream to open a small brewery some day. 

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