Our Story

Hi, we're Conscience Nook and we're here to help you make some really necessary lifestyle changes and make more fun, cool, joyful and conscience-aligning choices. 

Behind Conscience Nook are two young individuals, Shreyas Narain and Vanya Gangwar, friends from college who want to make a difference. In the beginning of the pandemic, all we had was an eagerness to use this time productively. Spending a whole lot of alone time on an individual basis got us in connect with ourselves and led us to figure out that we can in fact choose how we spend our lives on this planet rather than follow the toxic cycle of habit everyone has gotten used to. We did not want to continue using products that no longer aligned with our health and Mother Nature- products that do more damage than they do good.

Both of us have our own story and inspiration that led us to creating Conscience Nook, it was our shared love for nature and the will to make a difference that bought us together to start this journey.

“The brand name is extremely close to the being of the brand itself. There are so many reasons for the brand name and its being today but something that really moved me was a quaint corner in my room I had set for myself. During the pandemic, I had made myself a little corner in my room, where I would sit for hours, legs folded, mostly in a meditative state or just chilling around with myself, with my conscience. This marketplace is entirely based out of the time I spent with myself, figuring out the habits and cycles I am a part of and how my habits and cycles affect many others. It birthed out of a need to make some necessary changes at my end and at the same time enabling many more to do the same.” -Shreyas Narain Tyagi, Co-Founder

“For me, the will to start Conscience Nook came after I saw a video of Lauren Singer and her store, The Package Free Shop. A beautiful place that cumulates handmade products that have a story to tell, all packaged and created in a way to not harm our planet, opened my eyes to a whole new world that I did not know existed. That nine minute video of Lauren alone left such a deep impact on me, that it got me realizing the power every single individual has in their hands. Her story had changed my life, and many more’s I am sure. This led me to wanting to share the information I had learnt about preserving our planet, because even if it moved one person to make a change or raise a voice, I knew the impact would spread to many more, and hence Conscience Nook began.” Vanya Gangwar, Co- Founder

The idea was to and has been to become the go-to store for all of the sustainable and plastic-free needs like the stores that are famously available in India at all nooks and corners of all streets, providing essentials. These are stores that are close to people’s hearts, these are stores that tell a story, stores which actually have a real relationship with the consumers. We want to be and with great appreciation are slowly becoming that store for all our consumers, available at the nook of their homes that they’re comfortable in buying from and trust while buying all their Eco-friendly, responsible, sustainable, cool and most importantly plastic-free everyday essentials that make life easy! We are the nook store that the Conscience of self lives by and is at peace with.

Consumer goods that align with our own conscience was what we were searching for but surprisingly could not find an environment promoting a sustainable lifestyle at the core level. Hence, begun our journey to this beautiful marketplace that lets our consumers kick start their plastic-free lifestyle without any complexity and at the convenience of their online nook store.


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