Our Packaging Ways

Let us take you down the journey of our unique style of Packaging. A packaging road that is highly favored by our Mama earth and all those who love her. 

We take great amount of bursting Joy in packaging each box and sending it to our sweethearts.  Since your shipment is our only point of contact, we portray our love and care for you in every single package we send your way. Every single order is packed by our team with deep love and appreciation and when you receive your Conscience Nook package, you will feel that love with every fold and we assure you that. For us, it is not just about delivering your Conscience Nook package to you, it is about delivering you our promise of sustainability and assuring you that plastic-free is normal, not a myth. 

Step One: -
Conscience nook 100% recyclable packaging

The beautiful brown boxes we use for our deliveries throughout the country are made of 100% recyclable and compostable Kraft and Cardboard material. Every single Conscience Nook box we deliver is hand cut and logo-painted through our local vendors and then molded into a beautiful brown box. Our sturdy boxes are designed to be re-used in any number ways you desire. If it is in absolutely no use, you can simply break down the box into a few bits and toss it in your composting pit or pot (sprinkle some water on it, while you're at it). 

Step Two: - 
100% recyclable packaging from Conscience Nook

When our sturdy brown box is ready, molded to perfection, we lay down a Jute twine and on top of it goes our 100% recyclable and compostable brown paper strip. This is done to ensure that every single Conscience Nook package received by our lovely customers leaves them feeling special, keeps the content safe and secure and maintains secrecy (just in case we have a complementary surprise hidden in there for you). We make sure to pack all our orders in such a way that each day of delivery for Conscience Nook packages turns into a Joyful experience. 


Step Three: - 
Plastic-free Packaging at Conscience Nook

Once our box is fully set up, we place our cool and completely plastic-free products carefully into the box. In order to protect our fragiles from any sort of damages, we cover them in 100% compostable and recyclable Kraft paper bubble wrap. This process ensures their safety and at the same time, we ensure that from curation of products to delivering them to our customers, we use absolutely no plastic. 


Step Four: - 

Paper tape to protect plastic-free packaging

Our last step involves making sure nobody is able to enter or meddle with your package. For this reason, it is very important for us to seal your package from any openings there are to your Conscience Nook package. Your order is sealed with paper tape and is now perfectly secure, 100% plastic-free and ready to be delivered.

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