Our Mission

Hi, we're Conscience Nook and we're here to help you make some really necessary lifestyle changes and make more fun, cool, joyful and conscience-aligning choices. 

We're here to help you kick-start your plastic-free lifestyle with the best and selected everyday essentials that you require for all your needs. 

We felt the need of making plastic-free everyday essentials amongst our community easily available and made it happen. Now, being plastic-free is just a choice away, because we have the tools you need. 

We felt that the perceptive over complication of the idea of a sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle is eating away the fun and joy from it so we decided to make it a joyful process. 

Our goal is to create such an ecosystem that thrives on pure and plastic-free living by making available, the coolest switches for everyday needs and tools, conveniently, affordably and with absolutely no plastic. 

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