Our Commitment and Principles

At Conscience Nook, each and every move we make is considered important. The entire company is based and built upon the principles of nature. Every single step we take from curation to delivery and internal working to external working is taken after carefully considering our planet. We're mindful not because we want something, we're mindful because that is all we know to be and because we know the importance of being mindful and careful at every single step. 
We work hard every single day so you and your loved ones can live a truly clean life, without complicated chemicals and harmful toxins. There is a myth about plastic being a necessary part of our life and businesses, our customers, team and brand are a living example of an ecosystem that thrives on a plastic-free lifestyle. 
Steps of Curating a product at Conscience Nook: - 
In our process of bringing a fabulous new product on board for you, we find answers for the following questions;
  1. Can it be ethically sourced?  We only source items that are ethically produced. Many times, some raw material or products are scarcely available or made in facilities where there's malpractices. In this case, we try to set up a local channel of producing it ourselves ethically. If not, we try to look throughout our rich and naturally resourceful country for vendors who produce cleanly and at same time are paying fair wages to their labor.
  2. Is it meant to sustain?  The ingredient list at Conscience Nook from curation of a product to final delivery to the consumer is 100% sustainable. Every single commodity is plastic/toxin-free and is created to last in one form or the other at Conscience Nook. We take the same stance with our products. We only use recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Our products are meant to last long and leave behind healthy notes for you and zero-waste for nature.
  3. Is it 100% plastic free? Conscience Nook is here today as a living example of a smoothly functioning plastic-free organization. Normalizing a plastic-free culture and spreading awareness about a more conscious lifestyle is the purpose that each of us at Conscience Nook believes in. Plastic-free is not just something we do, it is something that we are. Every single piece of inventory that comes in and goes out of our organization is 100% plastic-free. We take matters related to plastics with great seriousness and only products that prove to be healthy for you and our planet are considered for our shelves.
Only after we’re sure of each parameter, we welcome a product to our platform. View all our products here.

Yet it’s equally important for us to ensure that beyond this point, our efforts to make our company environmentally friendly continues. We do this in the following ways,


Sourcing: We find vendors for various operational needs in close radius proximity of our delivery location to ensure reduced carbon emissions and growth of a local community.

Greenhouse Emissions: We at Conscience Nook follow a central warehousing model, sending all products in one shipping to ensure our carbon emission is controlled during transportation.

Packaging: We keep our sourcing and packaging, 100% plastic-free or any other materials that may harm the planet. We make sure that every piece of packaging we send out is either biodegradable, recyclable or reusable.

Supporting Local businesses:  We choose to be supportive to local businesses and have them as a part of our process in this journey by either sourcing from them or adding them as a vendor on our site and giving them a platform. 

Clean Vendors: We allow only vendors who align with the Principles of our brand to sell with us. We do not and will not endorse green-scaping brands. Our entire brand family is 

Maintaining transparency: By being honest to our customers about our flaws and openly talking about our practices and methods.


It’s a long journey towards reaching our goal of being as sustainable and environmentally conscious as we desire to be. We wish to achieve that place by continuously transforming ourselves and putting in place new ideas and actions that will help us reach our goal. 

Always open to your recommendations and suggestions to help us improve. If you have any questions or would like to recommend us something, click here.

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