One Less



What is One Less?

One Less was conceived when we failed to find affordable and stylish eco-friendly clothing brands in India. Sustainable fashion was expensive and unattainable for most, making an environmentally conscious lifestyle a far-fetched notion. 

With One Less, we decided to step in and bridge this gap.  

We aim to make sustainable fashion accessible, using a variety of organic fibers and natural dyes sourced and processed entirely in India which means that we don’t have to choose between the safety of our workers, customers and the earth - we can have it all!
Our comfortable, gender fluid pieces that are inclusive to all body types are meant to be worn for a long time, owing to their high quality and timeless designs. 

At One Less, our vision is to turn sustainability into an affordable lifestyle. By promoting sustainable practices, eco-conscious brands and environmentally friendly life choices on our platforms, we aim to build a community of like-minded individuals who choose to live in harmony with the earth.

Why it’s different?

The fast fashion industry is one of the largest global polluters contributing largely to greenhouse gas emissions, mainly driven by “fast fashion” trends.
At One Less, we are committed to using an all-natural process in the production of our clothes to ensure that we minimize our contribution to the polluting fashion industry. We ensure that our fabrics are knitted in house, ensuring quality as well as sustainability in our processes. Our GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals as well as our Bamboo fabric which is even less water intensive.
Since we focus on capsule collections, we don’t produce in bulk – minimizing our waste as much as possible.
In addition to this, we focus on body positivity and gender fluid clothing pieces, making One Less available to anyone at any time. We believe that everyone should feel comfortable in our clothes, without being categorized by their gender, body type or societal expectations.

In partnership with Mukul Madhav Foundation, One Less has committed proceeds from each sale towards the planting of fruit bearing trees in Panawadi, just outside the Pune district.
This land belongs to local farmers, and will be beneficial to their livelihoods as all proceeds from the sale of the fruits will help sustain them and their families.
In association with the Science and Technology (SciTech) Park, Pune water to these trees is provided through a solar pump that is installed in the vicinity, making the entire process sustainable, end-to-end.

Dyeing process: - 

Our 100% natural dyeing process is chemical free, biodegradable and entirely sustainable. Our raw materials for creating dye pigments are obtained from flowers such as Marigold and Acacia Arabica for our lighter colours, and Iron for our dark grey and black colours, amongst others. Working with continuous R&D, we have adopted a new iron-based formulation which has neutral PH 7 and does not release residual sulphates or acetates, making the process wholly eco-friendly and sustainable.


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