Two things to begin with, for some context.

Climate change is real and scary. The world is obviously a better place in terms of quality of life and you know, no more plague and stuff. But overall, we’re increasing world suckage. We’re making polar bears homeless, setting forests on fire and choking turtles. But I digress. All this probably isn’t news to you.

The second thing we know for sure is that periods are a punishment in more ways than one. There’s the cramps, the mysterious disappearance of rational thought and the inexplicable crying over the misfortunes of fictional characters. There’s the less bourgeois problems too. The cost of buying stuff. The cost of upkeep. The Secrecy. Stigma. Shame. Ignorance. So many people who menstruate can’t even afford adequate care. Period poverty is an embarrassing reality on a planet that boasts the existence of trash bags that cost a couple hundred dollars.

A combination of these realities, coupled with the fact that menstrual cups are amazing and no one is really selling them or at least marketing them enough) lead to us starting hiccup.

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