Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all products cruelty free?

Yes absolutely! We are strictly against animal abuse, all products are made in small batches by trusted small businesses.

2. Can I sell my products on your website? Are your products plastic-free, made with responsibly sourced raw materials and incredible in their field?

If the answer to these questions has been yes, please visit the “Sell with Us” page on our website. Fill the form and our team will get back to you :)

3. Do you package your products with any plastic?

Our main aim is to stop the unnecessary use of plastic in everyday life. We ensure to follow this goal in all processes of our business. No plastic comes in our warehouse and no plastic goes out! All lovely businesses are strictly asked to send their products in plastic free packaging only, and we’re so happy that everyone on board has the same values. As for the orders that leave our warehouse, we use recycled boxes, even reuse some boxes that come to our warehouse at times, recycled paper and paper tape! No plastic at all!

4. How long does delivery take?

All packages leave our warehouse within 1-2 days of being placed. Orders placed over the weekend leave on Monday’s. We use the best delivery partners in India to ensure that your package reaches you timely within 7 days of being ordered. All shipping updates are sent in real time to our customers through messages by our delivery partner.

5. Can I have special notes added to my parcel?

Surely! Just send us a message on the delivery page or on the "Contact Us" page and we will try our best to fulfill your message!

6. Do you have returns?

Please refer to our Return Policy.

7. Do all my products come in one box?

To keep carbon emissions at a minimum on each delivery, we try our best to have all products reach to you in one parcel only! To us it only makes sense to keep shipping waste and delivery emissions as less as possible for all your packages. However certain items come straight from the warehouse of the listed companies, hence those will reach to you in a different package.

8. How can I contact someone in your team for a discussion?

We love having conversations with you, please feel free to message us on Instagram at Conscience Nook and we will get back to you. Alternatively, write to us at or through our "Contact us" page, we will set up a call if required.

9. Can you make customized gifts and hampers?

We’re open to all customizations, please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram at Conscience Nook or write to us at

10. Can I place bulk orders or corporate orders?

We’d be more than happy to collaborate with you for bulk or corporate orders. Reach out to us on Instagram at Conscience Nook or write to us at

11. I want to contribute to the work you are doing, how can I help?

We would love to have you support the wonderful businesses on board with us by the means of making a purchase. A small shout out on social media channels or sharing about us to your friends also puts a big smile on our faces.

12. I want to have a meeting with the founders, is that possible?

Please contact us on Instagram or our provided company email, along with your reason to contact and we will surely get back to you :)

13. How do you select the companies for your website?

We thoroughly study the market to find the best companies making sustainable products in every category. After talking to the founders and understanding their values and supply chain, we call for samples. Only companies that have the same values as us and brilliant products join our sustainable marketplace!