About Us

Our Mission

To transform everyday lives and lifestyles into plastic-free everyday lives and lifestyles.  

Our Focus

Our Focus is and will be on reducing the use of plastic and toxin oriented items in our everyday life and create or find plastic-free and sustainable switches for them, till we see the end of it. 

Our Impact 

We at Conscience Nook strive and work hard everyday for a more beautiful world. We measure our success on the basis of a fact that everyday, bit by bit, we are saving many plastic or toxic items from ending up in landfills or oceans and affecting our ecosystem. 

Our Brands 

All our brands or vendors selling or working with us are working towards the same goal, welfare and sustenance for all, including nature and with the help of nature itself.

We at Conscience Nook are proud to call these beautiful brands and lovely people a part of our family. They inspire us to become better and work smarter towards a common goal everyday. 

The ecosystem of brands that we've created and are continuously creating at Conscience Nook is one that is dedicated to bring about a beautiful transformation in the lives of all those we connect with, along with our mama earth.