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Upcycled OG Cotton Mask - White

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Upcycled OG Cotton Mask is the cleanest way you can keep safe from all the dirty viruses out there! 

What one pack contains: Our Upcycled OG Cotton Mask pack contains one mask and one cool and multipurpose jute bag to keep the mask safe inside. You can also use this jute bag for various other things. (We've been very generous with the size of the bag.) 

Our masks are redesigned from GOTS certified organic cotton t-shirts and elastane ear loops.

Why we picked Up-cycled T-shirts: Waste sucks, and we want to make sure that we minimize our waste as much as possible, so when we came across tees that could potentially end up in landfill - we just couldn't let that happen! 

How to use:  Simply put on the mask holding both the loops and fitting them onto your ears. I'm sure we're all perfectly trained in this area by now. When the mask is not in use, rather than keeping it lying around, simply keep it in the jute bag so it remains clean for longer periods. 

How to clean:  Machine wash cold, or hand wash. Feel free to dry under the sun or in a dryer, and they will be perfect to use again!

Whereas the Multipurpose jute bag should be wiped clean and avoid washing to protect the jute fibres.

Why we love it: It's up-cycled, it's super soft and hey it looks cool. What's not to love?

Available in 2 sizes: Medium and Large

This mask is also available in Black, click here to view.

Medium - LxH 22cm x 12cm
Large - LxH 22cm x 13cm