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100% Natural Citrus Multipurpose Home Cleaner

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Floor Cleaner I Multi-Purpose Disinfectant 

Did you know? Your present floor cleaner contains serious amounts of toxic chemicals, causing harm to your respiratory system, environment, young children and beloved pets, who are greatly affected by them. 

Make the switch today! 

Get this 100% natural cleaner for your home today. Made from only three ingredients, this versatile cleaner has multiple uses around the house. It can also be used across multiple surfaces to wipe off grease or dust. 

The residue water after use can be safely used to water the plants. It naturally enriches the soil. Caution - Do not add this solution directly to the plant, use only the diluted solution. 

Our cleaner will not only leave your space chemical and toxin-free, but is also greatly beneficial for our water bodies  (where our sewage ultimately lands in!) as it neutralizes toxins present in them.

Ingredients: Citrus bio-enzyme, Lemon essential oil

Directions to use: 

Floor Cleaner

Add 2 tbsp to half a bucket. Mop as usual. 

Other Surfaces 

For ease of use, add 1/2 cup product in 1/2l water and store this solution in a spray bottle. Spray on dusty and greasy surfaces. Let it rest for 5-10 mins. Wipe with a cloth.


Environmental Impact: This product comes baring only the wellness of nature, no nasty ingredients what so ever. It comes in repurposed plastic bottles for shipping purposes, which can be further recycled and reused in multiple ways. 

Each bottle diverts 250 grams of citrus fruit peels from landfills

Product Quantity: 850ml

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