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Coconut Shell Soy Wax Candle

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Fill your room with the natural fragrance of the coconut shell soy wax and enhance your atmosphere. The base is of a dried coconut shell which is naturally processed and is filled with the soy wax, this soy wax is three times more long-lasting than any other normal wax, yes you read it right 3 times long-lasting! Toxic-free and long-lasting and 100% Natural Reusable premium looking coconut shell bowl. 

Material: It is manufactured solely out of 100% Coconut shell and the candle is made of soy wax candle with a premium quality wick which is elegantly packed.

Why Soy Wax candles: Soy wax is made from natural, environmental friendly and renewable resources and is completely free of any toxins and so it also burns cleaner with less soot. Whereas, most normally used candles are made of paraffin wax which is made of petroleum and is highly toxic for us and for our planet. 

Environmental Impact: More use of soy wax leads to conservation of our non-renewable resources and protects us and our environment from harmful toxins. 

End of life: The packaging is 100% compostable. The coconut base can be thoroughly used as a coconut bowl. After complete use, you can rest it at peace in your house pot, soil patch or compost bin when it is no longer in use. The shell however is compostable, it is not advised to compost it. However once you no longer want to use the bowl, simply use it for something like planting a tree in it etc.