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Coconut Shell Bowl - Jumbo

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Still having food in that boring plastic bowl? Bring a change and try these simple yet so stylish looking bowls in your kitchen. These aren’t just good-looking bowls but also 100% naturally extracted as they made from the dried coconut shells. Easy to clean and easy to use, a coconut bowl is a simple tool into kickstarting your sustainable lifestyle. These bowls are matte in finish, however if you prefer a glossy finish, just rub some coconut oil around them and they'll shine beautifully! 

Material: It is manufactured solely out of 100% Coconut shell which is natural and completely odourless. 

Environmental Impact: Keeps you from investing in plastic bowls and at the same time makes sure that your food remains non-toxic. 

End of life: The packaging is 100% compostable. You can rest it at peace in your house pot, soil patch or compost bin when it is no longer in use. The shell however is compostable being natural, it is not advised to compost it. However once you no longer want to use the bowl, simply use it for something like planting a tree in it etc.