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Bamboo Double-Edged Shaving Razor

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Not only these handmade bamboo handle safety razors look great but also save money in the process. The ergonomically designed handle of this safety razor gives a firm grip and a truly satisfying zero waste shaving experience for men & women. Plastic razors are practically impossible to recycle and end up in our landfills and oceans. With Bamboo safety razors all you need to do is replace and recycle the stainless steel blade (which you need to separately purchase), which helps create a cleaner and better planet.  

Why the Bamboo and stainless steel combo?

  • Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and can grow up to an inch in less than an hour.
  • It produces 35% more oxygen than trees
  • It doesn't require pesticide and fertilizers, making it organic.
  • Every part of the bamboo can be used
  • Stainless steel blades and body can be recycled 
Environmental Impact: Plastic razors bodies and plastic oriented blades cannot be recycled and stay on this planet years after usage. By opting for this product, you choose to make a contribution to saying no to plastic.

Storing Advice: Since the razor is made up of Bamboo, we highly recommend to store your products in a dry stand post usage. Opt for a holder that doesn't allow any water collection or simply store them on a clean bathroom shelf.

End of life: The product body and packaging are compostable. You can rest it at peace in your house pot, soil patch or compost bin! Before composting your razor, simply screw apart the stainless steel part and send it for recycling.

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