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Chomp Outdoor Row Composter

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Make your organic waste into compost with the Chomp series of row compost bins - it's easy, smell-free, and stir-free!


  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple

- Ideal for row composting in independent homes/compost storage container
- No need to lift or move around.
- Each bucket has a 20litre capacity.
- 3 Chomps needed for a family of 4 to 5/handling 1kg waste per day.
- Each Chomp comes with its own stand, Remix Powder and a set of Gloves.
- You can buy a pair or three at a time at much lower costs than if you buy individually.

Materials Used

Food-grade HDPE (recyclable plastic)


- Smell-free, hassle-free composting right at home
- Made with special air vents for ideal circulation
- No need to stir your pile
- Easy to lift and easier to use
- Compact, convenient, cost-effective

Why Switch?


Why send your kitchen waste to become poison in landfills when you can convert it into 100% organic compost for your plants right at home?
- Reduce waste transportation costs & carbon miles
- Stop wasting "waste" and feed your plants better
- Improve your impact on our ecosystem with easy-to-do, smell-free composting

Environmental Impact 

  • Single - Every installed Chomp Single unit keeps about 30 kgs of waste from landfill / month (360 kgs / year).

  • Double - Every installed Chomp Double Pair keeps about 60 kgs of waste from landfill / month (360 kgs / year).
  • Triple - Every installed Chomp Triple Set keeps about 90 kgs of waste from landfill / month (360 kgs / year).


- On long term use, dirt & eggs may start to appear on the surface of the composter. Scrub with soapy water and wipe with a cloth to get it to look as good as new!
- The inside does not need to be cleaned when restarting a cycle
- If you want to paint your composter, do use acrylic based paints so that the paint does not wear out.
- Water will condense as composting happens on the bottom of the lid, wipe clean so that it does not attract flies.