Boheco Life CannaReleaf™ - Arthritis Pain CBD Oil

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Arthritis is known to be the source of joint inflammation and can cause serious discomfort to those ailing from it. Resorting to various pain medications has become a common practice. CannaReleaf™ is BOHECO Life’s approach to a more natural and holistic method of pain-relieving. Fortified with the goodness of CBD Oil as well as our power-packed Hemp Seed Oil it’s simple, natural and effective at treating pain in the most non-invasive way possible.

What it contains

Raw, cold-pressed and unrefined 100% hemp(Cannabis Sativa L.) seed Oil

How to use 

Take a few drops to a coin sized amount and apply it to the affected area. Massage the area till the oil seeps into the skin. You can even leave the oil on overnight. Opt for a deep tissue massage with oil right before bed for an optimal healing experience. 3ml(2-3 drops) is an ideal dose for a light massage to relax the affected area.

How it helps

For CannaReleaf™ we have teamed up Vijaya extract which contains CBD with our Hemp Seed Oil. The Cannabidiol present in the oil binds with the receptors in the immune system to help ease the pain and reduce the signs of inflammation. While the antioxidant rich Hemp Seed Oil aims to bring down the swelling and inflammation that is present in the joints.This is a concoction that works to relieve pain from the inside out.

Environmental Impact 

Hemp Absorbs Large Amounts of CO2. One of the most common greenhouse gasses driving climate change is carbon dioxide (CO2). Hemp can also grow just about anywhere, dramatically increasing the potential land that can be used to sequester carbon.

Shelf Life

1 Year

Storing advice

In a cool dry place, away from sunlight. Refrigerate after opening.

End of life  

The packaging is 100% plastic-free. You can reuse or repurpose it in infinite number of ways, if no longer in use, kindly send for recycling.