Why sustainable fashion?

In earlier days, clothing used to be purely natural. Clothes were made from natural fibers like silk, wool, cotton, jute etc. But, nowadays, the clothes are no longer made of sustainable or naturally occurring fibers. Due to the convenience of mega factories and the industry as a whole, synthetic fibers that came as a boon to them being cheap and easy to deal with, have become one of the biggest curse for mother nature. However popular, these synthetic fibers are not only non-recyclable but if not disposed off properly, they end up doing a lot of damage to nature. Holding very high consistency of toxic chemicals, these clothes become leading reason of damage to life of animals, both at land and sea. 

Clothes made up of such fibers cannot be composted either. When they end up in landfills, they release toxic chemicals such as dye of clothes and when these chemicals leach into the ground, they cause very heavy damage to the environment. Other that just this, there are effects much larger. The fashion industry produces 10% of all of humanity's carbon emissions, is the second largest consumer of world's water supply and pollutes the oceans with microplastics. Microplastics are released in the waterbodies when these clothes loose out threads from them. Such microplastics are then consumed by the marine life and causes horrible aftermath. Synthetics are not only a danger to humans but a danger to each essential element of life and steps must be taken to correct these mistakes. 

The future of fashion has to be sustainable or there lies ahead, times which are much more hazardous. Sustainable fabrics like wool, organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, cashmere and many more. These fabrics are 100% compostable as they are made out of natural organisms. Sustainable fashion not only caters to use of natural products but also recycled or treated cloth in order to save it from going into landfills and so very less water goes into its production. This revolution of fashion will sooner or later become the only fashion that survives and what we ask of you is to make that time come sooner because every day passed is a huge loss to our environment and only we the citizens, can help it. 

Here are some benefits of choosing sustainable clothing:- 

  • When you opt for sustainable clothing, not only do you get the feeling of instant gratification but you also become a part responsible for the greater good of the planet. 
  • You support animal rights and save them from being butchered and used for clothing and accessories. 
  • Even the maintenance of these clothes will be green Not only will it save you a lot of water, it will also result in reducing the your carbon footprint. 
  • It reduces toxic waste and hence reduces the risk of water bodies and marine life from getting destroyed. 
  • The quality of your clothes multiplies due to no foreign and harmful toxic chemicals. Some naturally occurring fabrics even get stronger as they age. 




In a few words, 

 The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions in the world every year. Thanks to the slow fashion movement, (read our https://consciencenook.com/blogs/our-journal/fast-vs-slow-fashion?nopreview for more information about the same) sustainable brands are doing their best to dampen the environmental impact that the fashion industry has on our planet. 

Sustainable fashion is anything but a temporary trend. It is what one would call, the future of fashion. It is growing at a very fast rate all around the globe and is becoming increasingly popular amongst bloggers and public figures who are responsible for setting trends. 


- (Shreyas Narain Tyagi)


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We all should strive to save the environment, for the sake of our own future generation.


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