The rise for bamboo may be the downfall for plastic.

Bamboo products have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years and the demand for the same has increased rapidly worldwide. Bamboo has gotten so popular due to its sustainable tag. It not only gives a feel of durability and strength but is also a way suitable sustainable alternative than tropical trees. 

Some facts about bamboo: - 

  • It grows without pesticides. 
  • It is one of the fastest growing plant in the world. 
  • Not only does it grow rapidly but it rarely needs replanting. 
  • Exhibits soil erosion. 
  • Produces 35-40% more oxygen than trees that come in the same line. 
  • Helps in balancing the oxygen level.
  • Grows widely throughout the world.

Bamboo today is being used in:- 

  • households,
  • offices,
  • construction, 
  • schools,
  • medicines,
  • clothes,
  • accessories,
  • food,
  • fuel,
  • furniture,
  • baby products,
  • rugs,
  • utensils and the list goes way beyond imagination. 

The popularity today for bamboo is completely justifiable pertaining to how beneficial it is proving for us and our environment. Its versatility and strength and its naturally occurring properties have proved to be a boon to us. Its sole presence has satisfied millions of nature lovers to be the weapon against the fight against synthetics. 

Bamboo has also proven very beneficial for us and for all the people who support our cause and so we have introduced some bamboo based products for you.

Keeping these benefits in mind, we at Conscience Nook have introduced bamboo products that you can shop now. 


-(Shreyas Narain Tyagi)



I appreciate how you promote sustainable development and encouraging people to protect ecosystem.
we at Dzukou promote eco friendly products. Our Pine Forest bamboo lunch boxes are the perfect way to carry your lunch to work. Lightweight and organic, your meals remain healthy inside.


Eagerly waiting for the launch of your bamboo products!

Aditi Sadana

Thanks for such vital information.

Vanya Gangwar


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