Sustainable Gift Ideas

The everlasting paradox of gifting someone is something each of us can relate to. To add onto the confusion, what can possibly be the best sustainable gift knowing all the damage we have already done to the environment.


Why give a sustainable gift?

We feel that our carbon footprints will have an effect on the later generations. We don’t care and why should we? It’s not going to bother us. But let’s face the reality, global temperature has risen six-tenths of a degree in those 20 years. Population has increased by 1.7 billion people. Sea levels have risen 3 inches. In Greenland and Antarctica, ice sheets have lost 4.9 trillion tons of ice. These are just some facts about the increase in carbon footprint and how things have gone worse in just 2 decades.

Our carbon footprints have started haunting us at a compounding rate. The worst of all years – forest fires, locust swarms, devastating floods, storm in Mumbai, etc.


So what can be done?

Probably an overused phase- When there is a will, there is a way, but it’s true. Isn’t it? To ease your work, we have listed a few things

Common ones:

  1. Use newspapers to wrap gifts. These newspapers can then be recycled as well.
  • Aesthetics can be an important aspect too. To take care of that, we can just decorate it with flowers, sticking chocolates just like some extra toppings on ice-cream or cake. 
  1. Personalized diaries or stitched diaries- Recycling paper can be done at home too (
  • Scrap books, Cards, Personalized Dictionary, etc. can be made of the recycled paper.
  1. Make a game from tags- For e.g.:- a price tag. The price tags can be stacked and a game could be formed by, may be writing some customized questions to play about the Birthday or special person. Some educational questions could be written in one of the stacks or Truth and Dare questions can be written on both sides. These are just some examples, it can be customized as per requirement.
  1. A personalized bag- A lot of us throw our denims/clothes if torn or worn out after a certain point in time. Instead, how about making it a bag and painting on it. Your memories with people can be doodled or drawn in some significant way. This could also turn into a fun activity to do, probably on a weekend with your friends.
  1. Newspaper frames- Gifting frames is a one of the most common ideas. Here is a link of how you can do it in a sustainable way. Creative such frames can be made of different shapes and sizes even for your own rooms.
  1. Phone Cover- Old t-shirts can be made and used as phone covers. This could again be painted to make it personalized with some memory or a quote that you resonate to.
  1. Old shoe boxes. It could be used as a hamper box, with some gifts like the newspaper frame, chocolates, covers, clothes, accessories, etc.


The list of creation is ever lasting. Your thoughts and imagination are limitless and if put to the right utilization, a lot of very smart and good looking products can be created out of things that you may have tagged as useless. 


- (Shrutika Sanghvi)



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