How plastic has taken over

Imagine living in a place where storms have become a normality. The time the storms had begun, was there any damage to your home? Now due to the recurring nature of those storms and climatic changes, your home has started eroding and no matter how many times you get it repaired, it still keeps on eroding because the place you live in, witnesses rare relief from the climate. Since the time this had begun to the current moment, the storms have only grown stronger. 

Why do these storms never stop? The answer is climate change. The world has chosen to purchase monetarily cheap convenience but have chosen to pay a very high intangible cost. A cost that will someday become the reason for the erosion of the universe at large. Recently, a scientific research has claimed that soil erosion must be controlled or there will emerge a huge imbalance in productivity of soil and the people waiting to be fed by nature.

The ocean throws back tons of plastic back that manages to reach the shore each year and the plastic that never manages to reach the shore, kills marine life and pollutes the water. 

Humans buy 1 million plastic bottles and 2 million plastic bags each minute and it takes us an average of 12 minutes to dispose off these goods! Plastic are now dominating every natural phenomenon that surrounds us. They can now be found on every beach, on the highest of mountains and alps, within animal AND human bodies and even in the food we consume. In fact, plastics make up to 60% to 90% of all marine debris studied. Millions of animals and birds and marine organisms die each year due to over utilization of plastic by humans. Recent studies have shown that 100% of marine turtles, 59% of whales, 36% of seals and 40% of seabird species examined. Every piece of plastic ever made still survives virtually amongst us as it takes 400-1000 years for plastic to fully decompose. 

The storms are but a symbol at a much larger picture. Each year, the pollution increases at a global scale and so does synthetic dominance that has surrounded us all. If this doesn’t scream out for the use of natural and sustainable practices, what will? If we have to save our houses from eroding, we need to save our home first. We need to save our earth from plastic. 



- (Gaurika Narang)


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