Copper and how it benefits

Copper is famously known to have many qualities that benefits our health. Few of these qualities include its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant properties. This is exactly the reason that in earlier days in India, people used to store their water in large copper utensils. Copper leeches some of itself into the water and positively charges the water we drink.

Here are some more qualities of copper utensils: -

  • Cures Joint pains: - Copper has anti-inflammatory properties which gives a great relief to suffering patients. The bone strengthening properties that copper possesses makes it a perfect cure for arthritis.


  • Stimulates nerve functions: - Copper improves the intercommunication of the body through way of nervous endings. It increases the efficiency of the nervous system and make the brain work faster.


  • Reduces chances of infections: - Copper negates infection being a natural antibiotic. It is effective against E.coli, S. Aureus and cholera bacillus among others.


  • Prevents strokes: - Its anti-convulsive properties helps prevents seizures. It keeps your body naturally cool.


  • Digestion assistance: - Copper is largely used even today for ayurvedic practices. Drinking the "Tamara jal" detoxifies the stomach, claims Ayurveda. It is an excellent stimulator for the stomach and reduces inflammation and betters our digestion, Apart from these, it is an excellent remedy for stomach ulcers and infections. 


Copper is greatly essential for nutrition in human beings and is being used by humanity since hundreds of years. It has an essential role in keeping you healthy. Most human beings get enough copper by eating a healthy diet. Not having enough copper in the body is more normal than developing its toxicity. Be sure to get enough copper in the body but not too much. It is very essential to keep your copper utensils thoroughly clean so any toxic deposits formed are not consumed by you. 


Keeping in mind the incredible benefits of copper, we, at conscience nook have introduced copper straws to help you replace single-use plastic straws from your life.


-(Shreya Kothari)

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