7 Benefits of Natural toothpastes

Worldwide use of natural toothpastes is on a rise. As consumers have started to become more and more aware of what is good for their health, demand for natural products is on the rise. Gums absorb whatever ingredients you put in your mouth, bad or good. The easiest and the most important switch that we need to make to ensure a healthy mouth as soon as one starts the day is of a natural toothpaste. 

What are the benefits of using natural toothpaste?

  1. No more harm from traditional toothpastes: - Traditional toothpastes are synthetic toothpastes that are made from various mysterious and unsafe chemicals. Following are some of the ingredients that are added to the toothpastes: - 
    • Propylene Glycol, which is added to make the product silky smooth. This chemical is known to cause cancer,  reproductive complications and may also cause skin irritations. 
    • Fluoride, which is added to decrease tooth decay or cavities, it may cause brittle teeth, birth defects and immune system suppression. 
    • Triclosan, banned in many areas of skin care, this chemical is used to reduce bacterial and fungal growth. It may also slow blood circulation, impair muscle function and hamper the immune system
  1. Healthier gums: - Natural and organic toothpastes include vegetable oils and plant extracts that are beneficial in many ways. They calm and soothe the gums unlike traditional toothpastes which are rather abrasive in nature. The sensitive and healthy nature of natural toothpastes allows the gums to extract essential minerals. 
  2. Cleans teeth safely: - Natural toothpastes have a tendency to clean your teeth effectively without hampering your overall health. They are not abrasive in nature and contain plant extract oils that are good for oral and overall bodily health. Use of traditional toothpastes may result in your mouth absorbing chemical ingredients that may be greatly toxic for your body. 
  3. Safe for every age: - While bruising, it is a normal tendency of many to mistakenly swallow toothpaste which may be very toxic for your health based on what kind of toothpaste is being used. Natural or organic toothpastes are 100% free of any harmful or synthetic chemicals or ingredients. If swallowed, they pose no risk to the health of children or adults as they are entirely based on naturally occurring ingredients.
  4. Freshens the breath: - Natural or organic toothpastes are free of any artificial flavours or dyes. They use natural ingredients to lighten up your oral care routine with very interesting flavours. Natural and traditional toothpastes freshen up your mouth in almost the same way, the only difference being of the natural ingredients being used. 
  5. Beneficial to the environment: - Natural toothpastes, when drained after use, do not cause any harsh impact on nature when the excess toothpaste eventually makes it to the oceans as they have no synthetic or toxic ingredients present in them. 
  6. Sustainable to produce: - More earth friendly ingredients are used in the process of making which allows lesser use of toxic chemicals. Apart from this, maximum organic brands present in the market serve their natural toothpastes in sustainable packaging rather than plastic or other harmful packaging which helps nature in its ultimate effect. 

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