4 Unique Ways That WILL Transform Your Day

A Monday - Friday routine that goes by thinking to relax on weekends is a myth. Trust us, it is a bubble that explodes every week-end but remains unacknowledged. You do not need to lay a week-full of expectations on your weekends, that is just not fair because if something goes differently, there is bound to be disappointment. Plus, there is always some kind of work that falls upon your “to be relaxing” week-end and you end up doing your laundry, cleaning, setting up a wardrobe and what not. Every single day can be a beautiful, relaxing, easy-going day if you just follow these few steps as soon as you wake up. Mornings are the most important part of your day as they form the pattern for the rest of your day. For happiest days to come, read on: 

Wake up and sit down in peacefulness

1. Sit Down for 5 minutes: 

You may not be a morning person, but this one way will transform your mornings. As soon as you wake up, don’t struggle to find your phone, don’t get lost in the idea of rushing to do your work, don’t look at the clock and panic, don’t wake and immediately start thinking of what you’re gonna do next or get lost in the idea of the work that is aligned throughout your day. Chill, you will get there and you will do all those things when time comes. 

All you need to start your day with is 5 minutes of absolutely no interaction with anything other than yourself. Just wake up and train yourself to sit for 5 minutes and do nothing but just sit in complete silence. This will give your morning a great shape, help you with your morning calmness and kick-start your day in a happy and composed way. 


Spend some time in nature every morning to kick start your day beautifully


2. Feel some Nature:

Wake up, have some water, do your bathroom needful and head to your balcony, terrace, lawn, outdoors or near a window and take some deep breaths in fresh air. Even if you see just the sky, try to feel the never-ending blue sky.  Nature is all that surrounds us and nature is all that we are and it has unlimited lessons embedded in it and every visit can help you learn something new. Hot, cold, raining, windy or snow, nature is always beautiful and helpful. It does not matter if you’ve woken up too late and it's hot or cold outside, nature is always pleasant and will make sure you’re pleasant and present. Nature is that extended version of ourselves that is always ready to replenish us and remind us of the many things that we are a part of. 


Appreciate all that you have and are


3. Appreciate Life

Waking up everyday and knowing you have breath in your lungs, water to drink, food to eat, a roof to protect you, that is a gift. Everyone knows it is a gift, some learn it soon and some a little later but everyone realizes it at some point. Appreciate this gift, appreciate the gift of life. The life you are and the life that surrounds you. 

Appreciation gives meaning to your life, a simple act of appreciating someone or something can make a great deal of difference to you and to other people. It does not have to be complicated at all, just a simple hint of gratitude towards everything that you receive, everything that you learn or everyone who helps you in some way is enough to spread positivity and happiness around and within you. Remember, spreading positive and good energies brings in the same kind of energies. 

Meditation helps you to align your day with a clear and positive outcome towards everything

4. Meditate 

Meditation is the simplest thing you will ever do. It shapes your day in a beautiful manner and gives you that “Anything that comes my way has a solution” attitude. All you have to do is sit still and do absolutely nothing. Many people do it in many ways. However, the easiest way to master meditation is to do absolutely nothing. Trust us, it is as easy as it sounds. When you close your eyes, let everything come to you like you are watching a movie. Personal, gory, happy, sad, beautiful, whatever thoughts come to mind, try to stay as unaffected as possible without clinging to any of the thoughts. Stay still, let go completely and acknowledge everything that comes to mind without unnecessarily investing your energy in those thoughts. Meditation means complete surrender, witnessing and observing everything without getting attached to anything that comes to you. 

We assure you, your morning and the rest of your day will see an entirely new shape if you do just these 4 things. Put some effort in and invest in yourself, it will pay off till the end of days. Nothing is as important and precious as you are, take some good care of you. 

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